Transfer Credit Officer: Libby Saylor

All transfer credit, study abroad, or credit away requests must be submitted through the XCAT system; see:

1. Credit for courses taken away from Penn is not automatic.

All courses are reviewed by the department on a case-by-case basis, through the XCAT system. It is each student’s responsibility to enroll only in courses that are as demanding as those taught at Penn.

2. For a course to be considered for credit, the following standards must be met:

• Instructors should hold an advanced degree
• The course must meet regularly (at least 30-40 hours over the term)
• The course must include a substantial reading component
• The course MUST require a significant written component (eight 250-word pages/2,000 words or more in total, not including title page, bibliography and/or images), and students must be able to demonstrate completion of that work.

3. All XCAT applications must include the course syllabus and the written component (TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH).

This syllabus must enumerate the course in full, including the lecture schedule, list of readings, exams, and all written assignments. In cases where additional documentation is necessary, students will be asked to provide copies of graded work by uploading to the XCAT request. Students should save all work completed for these courses.

When submitting a course to XCAT for approval, the application MUST include a PDF or .doc file of the course's written component (ie the paper, exam, etc.).  If this supporting material is omiitted, the request will be returned to the applicant.

4. Courses that do not meet the standards listed above will not be approved; these typically include:

• "Art appreciation" courses or other courses that remove art from its historical and cultural context
• Courses that are limited only to visits to a group of sites, monuments, institutions, and the like, but do not require class meetings, readings, exams, or papers.
• Courses that do not require substantial written work and substantial reading among others

5. Survey courses taught on study abroad or through credit away may not be counted for the introductory courses in the major except as transfer credit taken BEFORE the student's matriculation at Penn. Upon request, such courses taken elsewhere may be considered as elective credits.

6. Art History majors must meet with the Undergraduate Chair prior to enrolling in Study Abroad program or in courses at other domestic institutions.

7. Survey courses taught on study abroad or through credit away may not, under any circumstances, fulfill any sector requirements for the History of Art Department. Students can only receive elective credits for study abroad and credit away courses.

8. A limit of three study abroad/transfer credit courses, approved by the department, can count towards the major.