BIBB 399 - Independent Research Application Form

Submissions for this form are closed.


*Note: The submission deadline for January 2019 is Wednesday, January 23rd, by 5pm. The first mandatory seminar will be held on Wednesday, January 30th from 12-1pm.*

Students must submit the information requested on this page, including a research proposal, to request BBB research credit. After submitting this form, you will receive an email with a PDF which you must print out and obtain your research supervisor's signature and return to the BBB Office by the submission deadline. If there are any questions about your proposal, you will hear from the BBB Research Coordinator. Otherwise, you will receive a confirmation email shortly after the submission deadline indicating that you will be registered for BIBB 399 credit.

The proposal must explain the research that the student intends to do, including a short description of the goal, problem and methods (minimum of three paragraphs). The proposal must also include a short bibliography that the research advisor intends the student to cover during the period of study (minimum of 10 articles). Use the following format for the filename of your document: Last name_first and middle initials_BBB399_proposal. Students approved for BIBB 399 credit will be required to attend two seminars given by the BBB Research Coordinator during the semester. The Director retains the prerogative of challenging a grade assignment of any student with unexcused absences.

Students participating in more than one semester of independent research (BIBB 399) will be required to present a poster at the Research Symposium held in April of each year.