BBB in the News

A. Students

Kaiwen Zhu worked in the laboratory of Dr. Greg Carlson on the role of the hormone oxytocin in schizophrenia:

Monkey Business: Senior Rachel Gittelman spent a summer in the field exploring the parental habits of Argentinean owl monkeys

Benjamin Laitman researched the microarchitecture of sleep with fear conditioning:

Rebecca Sternschein researched the neural pathways involved in the perception of art:

Lauren Rosenberg worked in the laboratory of Dr. Thompson-Schill on the neural correlates of visual and verbal cognitive styles:


B. Faculty

Penn neuroscientist solves motor control mystery, from the laboratory of Dr. Javier Medina:, with additional coverage at

Penn Team Finds Key Molecules Involved in Forming Long-term Memories about the research of BBB Director Dr. Ted Abel

The Social Lives of Baboons; How Baboons Think (Yes, Think) about BBB professors Dr. Robert Seyfarth and Dr. Dorothy Cheney, featured in the New York Times

The Mind's Eye: Decoding early vision's circuitry with Merriam Term Associate Professor of Physics Dr. Vijay Balasubramanian

Why Sleepyheads Forget: a ScienceNOW article about sleep deprivation by BBB Director Dr. Ted Abel