Lexow, Nedra

Dr. Lexow currently teaches BBB 475 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Disease, BBB 480 Biological Basis of Psychiatric Disorders, and BBB 482 Clinical Psychopharmacology.  In the past, she has taught a variety of courses including  BBB 270 Drugs, Brain, and Mind and BBB 229 Cellular Neuroscience at Penn and as a visiting professor at the University of the Sciences she taught biomedical statistics and medical writing.  Her doctoral work in neuroscience and pharmacology was completed at the University of Pennsylvania under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Winokur and Dr. James Eberwine and post doctoral work was conducted with Dr Hank Kung, also at Penn. Additionally, Dr. Lexow has 15 years clinical research experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.