Student/Faculty Accomplishments

BBB graduates go on to a variety of different jobs after graduation, ranging from Analysts at American Express and ClearView Healthcare Partners to Research Coordinators at Columbia University and Dana-Faber Cancer Institute. Additional data about the career paths of BBB majors can be found on the Career Services website at

A recent survey of BBB majors, 5 years after graduation, has shown that many students go on to earn higher degrees.  Of those still in graduate/professional school, 38% were pursuing an M.D., 28% were pursuing a Ph.D., 10% were pursuing a Master's degree, 10% were pursuing a D.M.D., 7% were pursuing an M.B.A. and 3% each were pursuing a V.M.D. and a joint M.D./Ph.D.  Of those who had graduated, 55% were employed as an M.D., 13% were employed as a J.D., 11% were employed as an M.P.H., 8% were employed with a Master's degree,and 3% each were employed with a D.M.D., M.S.W., M.B.A, Ed.M., and D.O.

In addition to the accomplishments of BBB faculty members, outstanding BBB students have distinguished themselves through earning authorships on primary journal articles, being awarded research funding and winning academic awards.  These accomplishments are highlighted here.

We also list the names of past winners of the three special prizes that are given out each year by the program to reward our top students. These prizes are:

ELIOT STELLAR PRIZE: This award was named after Dr. Eliot Stellar, a professor and provost at Penn, who was involved in the creation of the BBB Program. The candidates for this award are selected from the outstanding honors thesis presented at the BBB Student Research Symposium. The prize is awarded by a committee that considers the quality of the oral presentation as well as the overall quality of the candidate's undergraduate record.

EDWARD N. PUGH, JR. AWARD: This award was named after the second director, Dr. Edward N. Pugh, Jr. who held the post for more than five years. Established in 1994, this award is awarded to a graduating senior for academic excellence.

STEVEN J. FLUHARTY AWARD: This award was named after the third director, Dr. Steven J. Fluharty who held the position as director for more than ten years. Established in 2006, this award is given to the student with the most outstanding poster presentation at the BBB Student Research Symposium.