There are two ways to apply to the Vagelos Program in the Molecular Life Sciences:

a) All students who state in their application to Penn that they intend to major in Biochemistry or Chemistry will automatically be reviewed if admitted. Outstanding admitted students will receive an invitation to join the Program about April 1.

b) Any student who receives a notice of admission to the College in December or April and enrolls in May may request a review of their eligibility any time up to September. Students who apply Early Decision will be reviewed at the same time as regular decision students. Should they qualify, they will be informed at the same time as regular decision students in earlyApril.

We are looking for outstanding students with strong verbal and mathematical skills. Ideally, the student should have taken all the Advanced Placement courses in science and mathematics offered by his/her high school and, if possible, submit scores for SAT-II subject tests in mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Focused effort on one or two activities outside the classroom is more favorably viewed than superficial participation in many.

We are admitting approximately 50 from each first-year class into the Vagelos Seminar course, Chemistry 22. As students discover their real interests, in recent years there have been 20-25 from each class with summer stipends after their respective sophomore and junior years.