MLS Graduates

Doctoral Programs Attended by 2002-2018 Vagelos Scholars Graduates - Total: 261 in 17 years

Ph.D. Programs (99) M.D. Programs (95) M.D.+Ph.D. (42)

Caltech (4)
Cambridge, UK (3)*†
Carnegie Mellon
Columbia (7)**
Harvard (20)
Johns Hopkins (3)
MIT (11)
Notre Dame
Oxford, UK
Penn (7)
Penn State
Scripps Institute
Stanford (9)
UCBerkeley (6)**
UChicago (6)
UCSB (2)
UCSD (2)
UCSF (2)
UTexas (2)
U Washington
U Wisconsin
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Albany Medical College
Boston University (2)
Case Western (2)
Cleveland Clinic
Columbia (8)
George Washington
Medical College of GA
Harvard (4) (1 MD/MBA)
Jefferson (3)
Johns Hopkins (2)
Mt. Sinai (3)
Northwestern (2)
NYU (6)
Penn (18) (1 DMD, 3 VMD)
Penn State
Rutgers NJMS (3)
Sydney, Australia
Temple (1 DDS)
U Hawaii
U Illinois (2)
U Miami (2)
U Michigan (3)
U Pittsburgh
UTSW (2)
U Virginia
Vanderbilt (3)
WashU St. Louis (5)
Yale (4) (1 MD/MHS)

Albert Einstein
Harvard (5)
Jefferson (2)
Johns Hopkins*
Mt. Sinai
NYU (2)
Ohio State
Penn (9)
Penn State
Tri-Institutional (2)
UCLA (3)
UTSW (2)
WashU St. Louis (3)*

Includes: * Gates-Cambridge Scholars; ** Fulbright Scholar; † Churchill Scholar prior to starting Doctoral Program

Other Grad: (18)
Bradford MS (went on to Penn State PhD)
Cambridge MPhil
Colorado MS (went on to UC Irvine Medical School)
Columbia MPhil (2)
Harvard MS
Oxford MPhil
Penn (MBA, MPA, MS (3), MSEd)
Stanford MS
UConn MA (went on to Notre Dame PhD)
Weill Cornell MS
Yale (MBA, MS)

Employment: (5)
Deloitte Consultant (2) (one went on to Yale MBA)
Triage Consulting Group

Hiatus: (14)
Analysis Group, NYC
Athenahealth Consulting (MA)
Cornerstone Research, Research Assistant
Epic Systems, Programmer
IMC Financial Markets, Analyst
NIH, Research Assistant
Penn, Research Assistant (5)
UMichigan Research Assistant


Career Employment: 63/220

AAAS, Science Careers, Editor
Amgen, Sr Scientist
BCG, Consultant (2)
Brown, Assistant Professor
Cambrian Genomics, Associate
CoinTent, Head of Business Development
Delaware Tech, Instructor
Deloitte, Senior Consultant
Deutsche Bank, VP
Emerald Therapeutics, Molecular Engineer
Fluidigm, Manager
Genetech, Operations Manager
GSK, Investigator
LifeMap Solutions, Software Developer
Lightstone Ventures, Associate
London Research Institute, Research Specialist

Mastery Charter Schools, Teacher
MGH, QA Specialist
MIT, Assistant Professor
Ovid Therapeutics, Associate Director
Palo Alto High School, Teacher
Pfizer, Sr Scientist (2)
Putnam Associates, Consultant
RBC Capital, Associate
Rockefeller University, Staff Scientist
TestMagic, Instructor
Thailand National Center for Genetic Engineering & Biotech, Scientist
The Dalton School, Teacher
USFDA, Staff Scientist
UWash Assistant Professor

§ Our alumni have held attending physician positions at the following hospitals and hospital systems (bolded denotes 1 tenure-track faculty position):

Albert Einstein COM
Boston Children's
Children's Community Pediatrics
CHOP (2)
Cleveland Clinic Lerner COM
Cleveland Clinic
Columbia/NY-Presby (3)
Cristiana Health
Eye Disease Consultants
Harvard/HMS (2)
Johns Hopkins
Main Line Health
Martin Medical

New Orleans VA Medical Center
NYU (2)
Parkview Pet Clinic
Penn (4)
Rancho Dermatology
RWJ Hospital
Sloan Kettering,
Stanford (2)
Tufts (2)
UCSF (4)
Virginia Cancer Specialists
Weill Cornell

Vagelos Alumni Snapshot

Doctoral Programs (76/89) 85% Attended by 2012-2015 Vagelos Scholars Graduates (Past 5 years)

Ph.D. Programs (36) M.D. Programs (25) M.D.+Ph.D. (15)

Cambridge, U.K. (3)
Carnegie Mellon
Columbia (2)
Harvard (5)
J. Hopkins
MIT (4)
Stanford (4)
UC Berkeley (2)
UC Santa Barbara
U Chicago
U Penn
U Texas (2)
U Wisconsin

Case Western
Johns Hopkins
Mount Sinai (2)
Northwestern (2)
Rutgers RWJ (2)
U Miami
U Michigan (2)
U Penn DMD
U Penn MD (6)
U Tennessee
WashU St. Louis

Mount Sinai
UC Davis
Ohio State
Tri-Institutional NYC (2)
U Penn (4)
U Rochester
U Texas Southwestern (2)
WashU St. Louis
T. Jefferson

The above parallels our experience with the very successful College Biochemistry Program, which has been offered for over thirty years. Our students complete their education in the very best Ph.D. programs, M.D. programs or combined degree programs.
Roy Vagelos himself earned his B.A. in our department in 1950 after which he had a very successful career in science and business.

Historically, of seven science Nobel Prize laureates who earned degrees at the University of Pennsylvania, five earned degrees from the Chemistry Department. Two received B.A. degrees in Chemistry, followed by M.D.s at Penn: M. S. Brown (B.A., 1962; M.D., 1966) and S. B. Prusiner (B.A., 1964, M.D., 1968). Christian Afinsen earned a master's degree in Chemistry (1939), and two earned Ph.D's in Chemistry, Negishi (1963) and Zewail (1974).

In this context, David Baltimore (Nobel Prize in Medicine,1975; also past President of both the Rockefeller University and the California Institute of Technology), while an undergraduate at Swarthmore College (a highly regarded four-year liberal arts college near Philadelphia), did his honors thesis research in the laboratories of two Penn Chemistry faculty in 1960.

Our vision is that Vagelos Scholars will seek novel research paths. Molecular life sciences are broader than today's views of the biosphere: agriculture, medicine, earth sciences and psychology. Today's examples of molecular life sciences include: use of molecular machines biological and chemical to sequence DNA to be assembled by mathematical algorithms -- a short cut to the genome sequencing, merely a large molecular structure determination. Use of functional magnetic resonance imaging to study the relation of language acquisition and anatomic location in the human brain -- a process that uses the physics of the atomic nucleus to monitor changes in chemical environment of molecules in the brain which are localized and mapped by mathematical algorithms. This will become the basis of psychology and linguistics in the future.