Biochemistry Honors

Students who maintain a 3.2 average in major and major-related subjects receive their BA with honors in this major.

Five prizes, the Chairman's Award, the John C. Makris Award, the Helix Prize, the Founder's Prize, and the Hydra Prize, are awarded each year for outstanding academic and research performance to graduating seniors. The actual award for the Founder's Prize is a portrait of Benjamin Franklin, Penn's founder, printed by the US Treasury.

The distinction of Dean's Scholar is the highest awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences.



Biochemistry Dean's Scholars

Challenge Award

Class of 2018:

Chairman's Award - Julian Roessler, Samantha Sedor
Flagbearer - Anne Wondisford
Founder’s Prize - Rommell Noche
Helix Prize - Hope Merens, Olivia Zhou
Hydra Prize - Congzhou Mike Sha
John C. Makris Award - Mihir Dekhne, Priscilla Kim

Class of 2017:

Chairman's Award - Jacob Sterling
Flagbearer - Rosalie Doerksen
Founder's Prize - Rachel Banks, Kingson Lin
Helix Prize - Nikita Agarwal, Edward Gomes
Hydra Prize - Courtney Buell
John C. Makris Award - Carla Hoge

Class of 2016:

Chairman's Award - Jonathan Calles
Flagbearer - Ipsita Subudhi
Founder's Prize - Claudia Cheung
Helix Prize - Sam Allon, Rachel Weitzman
Hydra Prize - Ariana Brenner
John C. Makris Award - Jerry Hsu, Jasmine Hwang

Class of 2015:

Chairman's Award - Melissa Zhou
Flagbearer - Amanda Chin
Founder's Prize - Melissa Zhou
Helix Prize - Christopher Duncan-Lewis, Lucy Xu
Hydra Prize - David Smith
John C. Makris Award - Connie Jiang, Jenny Yan

Class of 2014:

Chairman's Award - Luckmini Liyanage
Flagbearer - Nathan Koocher
Founder's Prize - Benika Pinch
Helix Prize - Alexa Koike
Hydra Prize - Alexa Koike
John C. Makris Award - Sarah K. Foster

Class of 2013:

Chariman's Award - Nabil Darwich, Ashley Y. Wu
Flagbearer - Oakes Salancy
Founder's Prize - Hejia Henry Wang
Helix Prize - Colin Fadzen, Benjamin Schneider
Hydra Prize - Alice C. Yu
John C. Makris Award - Hejia Henry Wang

Class of 2012:

Chariman's Award - Tian Yang
Flagbearer - Rebecca Platoff
Founder's Prize - Beatrice Razzo
Helix Prize - Emily Chen Ding, Darci Foote
John C. Makris Award - Alexander Sun

Class of 2011:

Chariman's Award - David R. Jacobson
Flagbearer - Anthony Schuller
Founder's Prize - Bjorn-Erik Wulff
Helix Prize - Bjorn-Erik Wulff
Hydra Prize - Arthur J. Argall
John C. Makris Award - Michael L. Rutenberg-Schoenberg, Jamie S. Yang

Class of 2010:

Chariman's Award - Matthew E. Berck, Sumeet Khetarpal
Flagbearer - Philicia Moonsamy
Founder's Prize - Mai Tsukikawa
Helix Prize - Edward F. Kreider, Meera Rao
Hydra Prize - Cyndi U. Chung
John C. Makris Award - Phillip A. Benedetti, Jonathan Toung

Class of 2009:

Chariman's Award - Benjamin Stinson
Flagbearer - Stefanie Stickel
Founder's Prize - Srujun Peddapaidi
Helix Prize - Julia Xu, Anna Turetsky
John C. Makris Award - Boris Zinshteyn

Class of 2008:

Chariman's Award - Steven Hershman
Flagbearer - David Walker
Founder's Prize - Mazell Tetruashvily
Helix Prize - Steven Hershman, Mazell Tetruashvily
John C. Makris Award - Sunmin Park

Class of 2007:

Chariman's Award - Jessica Dweck
Flagbearer - Kavita Vakharia
Founder's Prize - Jason Reminick
Helix Prize - Maxwell Elia, Tara Kaufmann
John C. Makris Award - Jue J. Liu

Class of 2006:

Chariman's Award - Lauren Zeitels
Flagbearer - Jonathan Ghergurovich
Founder's Prize - Jason Beiger
Helix Prize - Elizabeth Gurney
John C. Makris Award - Lauren V. Tang

Class of 2005:

Chariman's Award - Peera Jaru-Ampornpan
Flagbearer - Sahand Jamal Rahi
Founder's Prize - Peera Jaru-Ampornpan
Helix Prize - Alice G. Cheng, Sun H. Chung
John C. Makris Award - Michael J. Farias

Class of 2004:

Chariman's Award - Beth Bennett, Jordana Goren
Flagbearer - Keunyoung Julie You
Founder's Prize - Beth Bennett
Helix Prize - Shana Gilbert-Gregory, Lena Winestone
John C. Makris Award - Lauren Barr, Vikram Pattanayak

Class of 2003:

Chariman's Award - Laura Chang
Flagbearer - Stephen Khov
Founder's Prize - Michelle Robbins
Helix Prize - Beth Bennett, Lauren Barr
John C. Makris Award - Anup Sharma

Class of 2002:

Chariman's Award - Nausheen Jamal
Flagbearer - Amanda Jagolino
Founder's Prize - Vijay G. Sankaran
Helix Prize - Kathy Vernovsky, Angela Hsu, Beth Bennett
John C. Makris Award - Vijay G. Sankaran

Class of 2001:

Chariman's Award - David A. Wilson, Anastasia Wyce
Flagbearer - Krysia Szymczyk
Founder's Prize - Ruth Foreman
Helix Prize - Kathy Vernovsky
John C. Makris Award - Caroline L. Sokol

Class of 2000:

Chariman's Award - Eric Klein, Biana Litrovnik
Flagbearer - Michael Park
Founder's Prize - Kristina Herbert
Helix Prize - Kristina Herbert, Kalpesh Vakharia
John C. Makris Award - Andrew Venteicher

Class of 1999:

Chariman's Award - Thomas Pologruto
Flagbearer - Lois Ahn
Founder's Prize - Amanda Lukens
Helix Prize - Kristina Herbert, Samia Siddiqui
John C. Makris Award - Deepak Sampathu

Class of 1998:

Chariman's Award - Brian Stanga
Flagbearer - Jiyeon Shin
Helix Prize - Joseph Markowitz, Thomas Pologruto
John C. Makris Award - Monica Stein

Class of 1997:

Chariman's Award - Michael Zeltkevic
Flagbearer - Eleni Akritidis
Helix Prize - Mital Sheth, Samantha Zeitlin
John C. Makris Award - Jacob Jaffe

Class of 1996:

Chariman's Award - Jeffrey Han
Flagbearer - Un Ah Cho
Helix Prize - Dora M. Liu, Michael Zeltkevic
John C. Makris Award - Anne Chapas

Class of 1995:

Chariman's Award - Masako Matsumoto
Flagbearer - Barry Lubarsky
Helix Prize - Andrej Luptak
John C. Makris Award - Stefan Siwko

Class of 1994:

Chariman's Award - Kenneth Levin
Helix Prize - Yi-Chen Lai
John C. Makris Award - Deon Wolpowitz

Class of 1993:

Chariman's Award - Howard Hong
Helix Prize - Yi-Chen Lai
John C. Makris Award - Henry Wu

Class of 1992:

Chariman's Award - Iris Zamir
Helix Prize - Jennifer Gesell

Class of 1991:

Chariman's Award - David I. Kuttler
Helix Prize - Diana M. Pancu

Class of 1990:

Chariman's Award - Joseph A. Ippolito
Helix Prize - Amy Pickar

Class of 1989:

Chariman's Award - S. E. Zgleszewski
Helix Prize - Daniel L. Minor

Class of 1988:

Chariman's Award - Steven M. Pustinik
Helix Prize - Elizabeth A. Tarka

Class of 1987:

Chariman's Award - David S. Greenstein
Helix Prize - Gary M. Phillips

Class of 1986:

Chariman's Award - Jeffrey I. Goldstein
Helix Prize - Curtis R. Altmann