Adobe Connect Student Fact Sheet

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro (a.k.a. "Adobe Connect") is a web conferencing platform used by some SAS courses for live online class meetings.  The information below explains the functionalities of Adobe Connect Pro for students.


  • Technical Requirements: Please review our technical requirements for Adobe connect, detailed at  The summary is that you must have
    • headphones or earbuds (not just computer speakers) and 
    • a microphone 
    •  And we strongly recommend using
      • a wired internet connection
      • an up-to-date browser
      • an up-to-date version of Flash

  • Chat: The Chat tool has two modes: public chat and private chat.  Messages in public chat are seen by everyone in the Adobe Connect Pro session, and are recorded if the session is recorded.  Private chat messages are only seen by the people to whom they are addressed, and are not recorded. Professors can disable the private chat functionality from the configuration menu on the Chat pod.  
    Recipients for private chat can be selected by picking a name from the Chat pod’s ‘To:’ field, and then sending the private message, which once sent will appear in Red (or, if it’s being sent to all Presenters, green). To resume public chat, select ‘Everyone’ from the ‘To:’ dropdown menu, and your messages will appear in black again. 

  • ‘My Status’: Status is a way for you to signal your instructor.  You can see all possible statuses from the status menu, which is available as a drop-down menu at the top of the Attendee List and also a pop-up list at the lower-left corner of the screen.  Most of the status options are intended just to signal the instructor, such as agreeing or disagreeing.  The only two that have more functional meaning are ‘Raise Your Hand’ (which can be used  to request the microphone) and ‘Step Away’ (which disables most of your features until you return).
  • Microphones: By default, only hosts and presenters are granted the ability to enable their microphones.  Professors may choose to enable microphone rights for everyone by using the Attendee List configuration menu.  To request microphone access, you can ‘Raise Your Hand’ by clicking the icon at the lower left corner of the screen.  If the professor calls on you, your microphone access will be enabled.  To turn on your microphone, click the ‘Talk’ button on the bottom left of your screen. The first time you do this, a pop up window will ask for permission to use your microphone – be sure to click Allow.  To keep your microphone on without having to hold the Talk button down, click the padlock adjacent to the Talk button.  To turn off your microphone, click the Padlock again.  Many microphone configurations will work without problems, but everyone should go through the Audio Setup Wizard, on the ‘Meeting’ menu, under Manage My Settings à Audio Setup Wizard.  Completing the wizard tends to fix most microphone problems.

  • Recordings:  If your instructor is recording the class sessions in Adobe Connect, then links to them will be posted to your course's Canvas site after class.


To learn more about how to participate in meetings, visit: