Adobe Connect - Advanced Tips for Instructors

To explore the many possibilities for interaction with Adobe Connect, please see or download the document as a PDF.

But for some of the most common tasks that Instructors using Adobe Connect want to accomplish, these links may help:


  • Granting Microphone Access to Participants 
  • Breakout Rooms
    • See "Creating and managing breakout rooms"
    • Note that interactions in Breakout Rooms are not included in any recording, as detailed here.
    • When you put Participants into a Breakout Room, they are automatically promoted to Presenter in that room
      • This means that they can share Whiteboards and other content, and can type Notes, as detailed below.
    • Each Adobe Connect session is limited to a maximum of 5 Breakout Rooms.  There isn't anything we can do to increase this number, but if you will absolutely need more than 5 Breakout Rooms, you can run 2 or more Adobe Connect sessions simultaneously.  
      • You can only be in one Adobe Connect session at a time, so you will need to have an instructor or TA available to Host each room. 
      • If you need to go from one Adobe Connect room to another, you must 
        • quit Adobe Connect
        • open a new browser window
        • enter the URL of the new room you wish to enter
        • log in there
  • Whiteboards and Other Shared Content
    • See "Create and display a whiteboard"
    • Also see "Sharing a computer screen, document, or whiteboard"
    • If you want participants to be able to download a document that you have shared, you must turn OFF document syncing, as detailed here.
      • You should also turn off document syncing if you want the students to move through a document at their own pace.  Otherwise, every time a Host or Presenter moves through the document, it affects everyone's view of the document.
  • Notes
    • Hosts and Presenters can use a Note pod to type notes that everyone can see, and the contents of a Note pod can be emailed for future reference.
    • Because Participants become Presenters when you put them in a Breakout Room, they can use Notes there, too.
    • See "Taking notes in a meeting"
  • Changing User Roles
    • If you want to promote a Participant to the role of Presenter or otherwise change user roles, see "View or change an attendee's role"
    • For explanations of the 3 meeting roles (Participant, Presenter and Host), see "Meeting roles and permissions"
    • Note that when Participants are moved to Breakout Rooms, they automatically become Presenters so they can use the whiteboard an other tools in the Breakout Room for group work
  • Polling participants
    • See the Adobe help page on Polling for information on this topic.
    • Polls can also be run in individual Breakout rooms -- see this page for details
  • How to Record a Web Conference
    • See "Recording and playing back meetings"
      • The link above has details, but all you really have to do is select "Meeting" -> "Record Meeting" to start or stop recording.  Each recording is automatically saved.
    • If you want Participants (i.e., students) to be able to view the recordings, then someone who is a Host or Presenter must copy the URL of the recording and provide it to them in Canvas.
      • When you're in the meeting that has been recorded, go to the "Meeting" menu and select "Manage Meeting Information".  Click on "Recordings", and you'll see a list of recordings for that meeting.  Click on the one that you want, and copy the URL from the page that comes up.  (Each recording has its own URL.)
      • For detailed instructions on this process, with screen shots, see
      • To edit a recording (to remove long silences or unwanted conversation), see this page.
  • Optimizing the room's connection speed
  • Special guests in a session
    • We recommend that participants / students have accounts in Adobe Connect so that they log in to participate. 
    • If you have a special guest that you want to admit to the room, or if a student has forgotten his or her password or is having trouble logging in, they can enter as a guest.
      • Just give them the URL of your Adobe Connect room, and tell them to select "Enter as Guest"
        login screen


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