Migrating messages from babel.ling to Google@SAS

You may wish to move email off of the babel.ling email server to a personal account or Google@SAS account. The instructions below outline the process for moving mail from babel.ling to Google@SAS but are also applicable to moving messages to another personal account.  Messages can be moved between accounts by utilizing the mail client Thunderbird.

1. Configure your babel.ling account for IMAP in Thunderbird.  Thunderbird should auto-fill the server information.  To ensure that you have the correct server information they should be as follows:

Incoming Server: babel.ling.upenn.edu

Outgoing Server: babel.ling.upenn.edu

Once your babel account is configured you will want to be sure to subscribe to all of your folders.  To do so in Thunderbird go to: File>Subscribe and select all of your folders to make them visible.

2. Configure your Google@SAS account for IMAP in Thunderbird following the instructions found here.

3.  Once both accounts are configured you will be able to drag and drop messages and folders between the accounts to migrate your messages off of the babel.ling server.

If you have any questions or trouble please fill out the help form found here.