Canvas Basics

    This page describes the essential basics of Canvas for the instructor who only needs to upload a syllabus and readings.

    Canvas is a big toolbox. Use the tools you need. Don't worry about the rest.

    1. How do I request a Canvas Site?

    2. How do I log in?

    3. How do I get around in Canvas?

    • The front page (Dashboard) has recent activity and your “To Do” list.
    • The global menu at the top gets you to your Courses and your Calendar.
    • The help corner in the upper right has help and your
      inbox and personal settings.
    • Within a course site:
      • The left sidebar has course navigation.
      • The right sidebar has tools for the page you’re on.

    4. How do I post my syllabus?

    See the video tutorial for creating an active syllabus.

    • Course navigation > Syllabus > Edit Syllabus Description.
    • You can post a syllabus file using (right sidebar) Insert Content into this Page > Files.

    5. How do I post readings?

    See more about Files, Modules, and Pages.

    • To upload multiple files at once, drag your files from your desktop and drop them into
      Course navigation > Files. Then add a link to each file in Modules or Pages.
    • Or you can add upload one file at a time into Modules or Pages.

    6. How do I view my site as a student?

    • Course navigation > Settings > (right sidebar) Student View.

    7. How do I manage my navigation menu?

    • Course navigation > Settings > Navigation (tab).

    8. How do I send messages to my students?

    • Make an announcement using Course navigation > Announcements.
    • Or start a Conversation by sending a message from Help Corner > Inbox.
    • Or send email to your Class Mailing List (available through Courses inTouch).

    9. How do I control the flow of notifications?

    • Help Corner > Settings > Notifications

    10. How do I copy content from one site to another?

    • Course navigation > Settings > (right sidebar) Import Content into this Course.

    11. How do I get help?

    • Help Corner > Help

    12. Where can I learn more about Canvas?