Email Help for SAS Students

Email Help for SAS Students

SAS faculty and staff: if you need help, please consult the local support provider (LSP) for your department

Top 5 Email Help Issues for Students

Look here for solutions to common help issues or use the form below to report a problem or question.


What will happen to my Google@SAS account after I graduate?

Your Google@SAS account or email forwarder will not expire.  We will be in contact with you regarding any alumni updates and options that become available in the future.


Can I forward mail from my Google@SAS account to another account? 

No. If you want your school email to go to another account you should not use Google@SAS for email.  Instead, you should configure your SAS address to send directly to your preferred account.  Click here for more information or click here to change your configuration.


I want to send as my SAS address from my personal Gmail account.

You can set your SAS address as a Send As address by following the instructions found here:


I forgot my Google@SAS password.

Click here to reset your Google@SAS password


How can I setup my mobile device or mail program for Google@SAS?

Click here to visit the Google@SAS FAQ and look for instructions in the Using Google@SAS section.


Report a problem or questions about your SAS Email

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