Configuring your SAS Email Address as a Send As address in Gmail for Students

  • Students & Alumni

Students can configure their personal Gmail account to send as their SAS email address.

Google requires authentication for the email account that you wish to send as.

The steps you need to take for establishing this authentication will depend on whether or not you have already set up a Google@SAS account.

If you DO NOT already have a Google@SAS account,
start here:

You will need to create a Google@SAS account in order to authenticate the Send As address. You don't have to use the account to handle your email, but you do need it in order to authenticate.

To establish your Google@SAS account:

1. Go to:

Select to have your messages sent to your Google@SAS account and create a password. You will then be prompted to log into the account.

2. Once the password is created and you have logged into the account, you will then want to set your account to forward messages back to your personal Gmail account by revisiting: and setting your forwarding destination to your personal Gmail account. Forwarding may take up to twenty minutes to be activated.

3. Once your forwarding is set to go to your personal Gmail account, you can then follow the steps below to configure your Send As address for your SAS account.

If you DO already have a Google@SAS account,
start here:

In your personal Gmail account, go to the Settings gear (at the upper right) and choose Settings from the menu.

Then choose the Accounts and Imports tab, then Send mail as > Add another account you own. You will want to enter your name and your full SAS email address, uncheck the box marked Treat as an alias and click the Next Step button.

You will want to use the Gmail SMTP server ( The username and password are your full SAS email address and your Google@SAS password. Click the Add Account button, and Gmail will send you a verification message.

When Google verifies the change,  you will then be able to send as your SAS address when composing messages.