Map Drives and Create Shortcuts in Windows 7

  • Faculty & Staff

Here's how to map drives and create desktop shortcuts to shares from a Windows computer.

These steps were taken using Windows 7. For those of you using Windows Vista, steps 3 and 4 are slightly different, and the differences are reflected with italic text after step 3.


Step 1. Click the Windows button, and then Computer.

[photo of start menu]


Step 2. Click Map network drive.

["'Map network drive" is in the toolbar near the top]


Step 3. In the Folder box enter the address for your personal share following this rule:

USERNAME is your Active Directory username, which is the same as your PennKey username.

Enter your DIVISION as follows:
hum - Humanities Department (Anthropology, English, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Philosophy, Romance Languages, etc.)
natsci - Natural Science Departments (Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Science, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology, etc.)
pci - Programs, Centers and Institutes


Make sure the "Reconnect at logon" and "Connect using different credentials" boxes are checked, and click Finish.

Windows Vista users, instead of a checkbox, "Connect using different credentials" is a link you need to click.  When you do, the box from step 4 will pop up.  Follow step 4, and once you click OK you will be taken back to the window in step 3 where you will need to click Finish.  Then proceed to step 5.


Step 4. In the box that pops up, enter your Active Directory username and password as follows, making sure to check “Remember my credentials”, and click OK.


Step 5. If you have access to a departmental shared folder, repeat Steps 3 and 4, entering the Folder box as follows:
(for example, \\\hum\shares)

[image of the window]


Step 6.  In Computer, you’ll now see both your connected shares.  Right-click each one and choose Create Shortcut.


Step 7.  The shortcuts will automatically be placed on the desktop.  You can now double-click the shortcuts to go into your network shares.  In the future, you won't have to do any of these steps again, as you'll already have the shortcuts on your desktop.  If you're at your office computer on campus, just double-click the shortcuts to go to your shares.  If you're using a laptop or are off campus, you'll need to first make a tunnel connection and then double-click the shortcuts.


NOTE:  If you restart this computer, when you log back in you may see this error box pop up:

[picture of error message]

Don't worry about this message. Once you reconnect to each network share, you will be able to use the network share desktop shortcuts as usual.


You may also see this if you open Computer:


Again, don't worry.  Once you reconnect to each network share it will show up connected and ready as in step 6.