Remote.SAS Web - Downloading Files

  • Faculty & Staff

Here are instructions for downloading files from the SAS File Shares using the Remote.SAS website.

1.  Click on the folder that contains the file you are going to download, in this case "3D Scanner Docs".


2.  Click on the file name directly, in this case "Changes to Local Security Policy.txt".


3.  The file download will now be handled by the web browser, and a window may pop up asking if you'd like to Open or Save the file.  It is recommended that you choose to save the file, as managing the file once it is on your computer will be much easier if it is saved to the browser's specified downloads folder.


NOTE:  If the file you downloaded contains any kind of private information, don’t forget to delete the file from your downloads folder once you are done with it.  This is especially important if you are using a public or shared computer.  If you cannot delete the file, be sure to take proper care of it, preferably by uploading it to your SAS network share and then deleting it from your computer.