Connecting to Wired Internet in SAS Buildings

Using the wired network in most SAS buildings requires that you register your computer's MAC address.


Use the instructions below to find your computer's MAC address then, using a computer already connected, go to the website and register the address using your Pennkey ID and password.

* Depending on location, it may take a short while (up to 20 minutes) for servers to update. Usually, the wait is much shorter.

To determine the MAC address of your ethernet card:

Windows XP / 2000

* open up a command console
(e.g., Start Menu . Run . type cmd . enter)
* type ipconfig /all
* find your network interface/card
* the MAC address (aka physical address) is the number consisting of six alphanumeric pairs


* launch System Preferences
* launch Network
* select the TCP/IP tab
* the Ethernet Address, consisting of six alphanumeric pairs, is the number you need to report


* in a console/term type ifconfig (usually need root privileges)
* find your ethernet interface (e.g., eth0)
* the HWaddr assigned to your ethernet interface is the MAC address you need to report