Printing from SAS Computer Labs and Kiosks

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Black & white laser printers are available in

You can print to these printers from all of the computers in the DRL or McNeil labs, or from email kiosks located in the McNeil Building, DRL, or Fisher-Bennett Hall.

Users need a valid PennKey to log in to the lab computers or kiosks.

Cost for Printing Double-Sided or Single-Sided

The lab computers and kiosks are configured to print double-sided by default at a cost of $.05 per page ($.10 per double-sided sheet), payable by PennCash.

The cost for single-sided printing is $.07 per page. In order to print single-sided, click the PROPERTIES button in the print dialogue box.

print dialogue box 1

Then uncheck the box for "Print on both sides" and click OK.

print dialogue box 2