New User Instructions for Math Department Visitors

Christopher Lake

IT Support Specialist



Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania.

This document will help guide you through acquiring the regular computing resources available to Mathematics visitors at the School of Arts and Sciences.

Long-term visitors in the math department are defined as those that are teaching a course and are on payroll. Usually this type of visitor is here for no longer than a year. If you are visiting and are not on payroll, please see instructions for short-term visitors.


Step 1- Get on Payroll

The first step is to get onto Penn’s Payroll. For this, at least two weeks before you arrive at Penn, request that the Math Department send you payroll forms. Once payroll forms are completed and submitted to the DRL Business Office (by math departmental staff) in Room 2e7 (2 floors Below Math Department) you will be able to get your PennCard.  


Step 2aGet your Penn Identity Card (PennCard)

For access to most University systems (payroll, email, etc), a PennKey username and password are required.  Unless you’ve made arrangements in advance of your arrival, you will receive a PennKey Setup Code when you obtain your PennCard.  You must wait 24 hours after you are entered into payroll, before you can obtain a Penncard. 

To get your PennCard, go to the Franklin Building PennCard Center (3451 Walnut Street, Suite 150). Remember to bring a Photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. There, your picture will be taken for your PennCard, your new PennCard will be issued, and a new Pennkey Setup Code will be printed.  Please see the PennCard webpage for identification requirements:


Step 2b – Getting your “PennKey” for Internet Access to Penn’s Network

After you obtain your PennKey Setup Code at the PennCard Center, you may return to the Math Department Main Office (4w5) to use the computer (or any other networked computer) to register your Pennkey. Visit the PennKey website to complete your PennKey registration:

There is a 10 min delay before the PennKey is activated.

Pleases Note: Once you have chosen a PennKey, it cannot be changed, and your email address name will be based upon your PennKey.  If you dislike all the computer generated PennKey options offered by the application, exit the registration application and contact Chris, the Math Local Service Provider.


Step 3Getting your New Computer Accounts



Wired networking (preferred):

Wireless networking is available in many locations in DRL and on campus.

In order to gain access, you need to configure your computer in advance.

See the below link for directions.


Wired networking:

If you'd like to use wired networking, please register your computer's Wired Ethernet Adapter here:

Instructions for determining your computer's MAC address can be found here:


Email Accounts

Once you’ve created and tested your Pennkey, go to the website below to register your email account (usually referred to as your “Facstaff” account).

If the website reports ineligibility, contact Chris, the Math LSP. You can access your email account using webmail at the following link:

Or you can use one of the other supported desktop email clients listed at the following link:

If you prefer to use server hosted email software such as "mutt" or "pine", contact your LSP for directions for creating a shell account.


Departmental UNIX Account (

The math department runs a Linux server named “”.  It provides web hosting and backed up file storage for the Linux desktops.  All “hans.math” account holders will also automatically gain login access to the math Linux desktops.  For an account on, please see Monica Pallanti. She will need your Penn ID Number (found on your PennCard).

The math department deploys Linux based desktops for all grad students, and faculty or staff members who request them.  The home directories for the math Linux desktops are hosted on hans.math.  Home directories are currently backed up every 4 hours but are subject to file quotas (an hourly snapshot is also available on hans.math under /home.snapshot).  Additional local storage (which is not backed up) is provided under /local_storage. (Caution: Linux machines are updated yearly and material not backed up may be deleted.)


SAS Windows Domain Account

SAS faculty and staff use Windows Active Directory (AD) accounts to access many network resources, including departmental shared drives (file shares) and individual storage spaces on the SAS central fileservers (U:\ drive), both of which are backed up nightly. Additionally, your Windows account may be used to access any networked computer on campus that is part of the SAS Active Directory domain (SAS Classrooms, Labs, ect.)

Please complete and submit the following form requesting an account in the SAS Active Directory.

This form requires a Pennkey and is processed within 24 hours. The account is needed to log in to your office machine (if you are issued a windows machine) and most other Windows computers in SAS (some only require PennKey authentication.

Once you have a SAS account you will be able to access the Remote.SAS VPN from Off-Campus! (See instructions posted Here)


Departmental Printers

For information on installing departmental printers, visit this link


There are many more options and and electronic solutions available that aren't listed in this Document.

Please visit the SAS Computing page for additional information that isn't listed.