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Printer installation tutorial for Windows Vista

Click the START button, click navigate to "Control Panel", then navigate to and click on "Printers."

[control panel for Printers]

Once the printers window is open, click on "Add a printer" in the dark blue menu bar.

At the "Choose a printer port" section click on the "Create a new port" radio button then select "Standard TCP/IP Port" for the "Type of port."

At the "Type a printer hostname or IP Address" section select "TCP/IP Device" for "Device type" and input the proper hostname depending on the printer that you are installing, the IPs for all of the different departmental printers can be gotten from the main printer help page on this website.

[step 5]

At the "Type a printer name" section type in what you would like to call the printer under the "Printer name" section, this is entirely up to you. Here you also want to make sure that the driver that it says it will install corresponds with the model of printer you are installing. After the installation you should get a section called "You've successfully added [printername]." Here you should click the "Print a test page" button to make sure everything is installed correctly.

[step 6]

Congratulations you are done, happy printing.

If you get a message that looks like the image below during the network portion of the install (5) you can just click "Next" and go through it, all that is happening here is perhaps you are not on the same subnet as the printer, or it otherwise can't properly detect the network card in the printer. Generally this does not cause issues.


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