Remote.SAS VPN Server

Connect to the SASC VPN

SAS Computing provides a service, which allows users to access their U-Drive and department shares from off-campus locations. This is made possible in a secure manner through the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Gateway device. An SASC Active Directory user account is required to obtain a U-Drive and to use the VPN. If you do not currently have an SASC Active Directory account, one can be requested here. Unlike most VPN connections, SASC's implementation does not rely on a third-party software package or intricate connection setting. VPN access is done through a normal web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 (Mac OS X 10.6.3)
  1. Open the web browser and enter the URL; into the navigation bar. (Don't be put off by my browser being purple... Firefox extension :) )
  2. Remote.SAS URL
  3. Log in to the web-site with your SAS Active Directory username and password.
  4. Remote.SAS Home
  5. A 'Home' screen will appear after a successful login. This screen will not be identical to everyone, but will follow the same layout. Clicking on any of the links will open that folder or site in the same browser window. (Folder and web-site names have been redacted).
  6. Remote.SAS Shares
  7. You're In! To the right of the header is the four-button navigation pane. The "Home", "Preferences", "Help", and "Sign Out" buttons are self-evident.
  8. Toolbar

Downloading files...

  • Folder items cannot be uploaded and downloaded as single items. Only individual files and compressed (zipped) archives can be moved to and from the VPN in such manners. Clicking a file's link will just result in a download prompt from the web browser. Checking multiple items, then clicking the "download..." at the bottom-left part of the window will result in those items being placed into a compressed archive file, then downloaded.
  • Zipped Prompt -> Firefox Download

Uploading Files...

  1. Files or archives up to 500MB in size can be uploaded through the VPN web portal. If any files larger than 500MB need to be placed on the share, a connection through PennNet (on-campus) should be utilized. A basic file-browsing tool in the web-page is used to upload up to five different items at once. The option is also available to upload directly into a zipped archive file.
  2. Upload Files.../New Folder... Buttons Upload Files Dialog
  3. Once uploaded, the files are located in the folder, from which the upload process started. Be sure to log out of the VPN portal when finished, or if you plan on leaving your computer for awhile.