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Preparing content

 Putting your video online

How to prepare content for the MMS Media Server  

Below are procedures for encoding videos for the SAS Media Server using iMovie, Quicktime 10, and Miro Video Converter, a free online software that is compatable with both Macs and PCs.



Start by selecting Export Movie from the Share dropdown menu.

This brings up the 'Export Settings' window. Select 'Size to Export' as 'Large'

Once you click on export your newly formatted movie will be made and saved to the location of your choosing.



Quicktime 10

Open your video in Quicktime 10 and select 'File' and 'Save for Web'

This will bring up the Quicktime 'Export' dialog box.  Under 'Export versions for' choose 'Computer'

Miro Video Converter


Miro Video Converter is a free application that can convert video files to a format that playback correctly on the SAS media server. 

Select 'Choose File' which will allow you to choose a file from your computers directory.


Next you will select the 'Pick a Device or Video Format' drop down menu.



Once you've chosen your prefered settings, which for the MMS Media Server would either be MP4 video, or MP3 audio, click on the 'Convert' button.

If you aren't sure where to find your newly converted file, you can select the 'Show File' button. this will direct you to your converted file.

Are you done yet?

Your finished movie files should be about 6.5MB per minute.  If you find that your finished work is much bigger than that, please check to see that you used the correct setting when saving your movie, or consult with the staff at Multi-Media Services or the Information Commons lab.

Your video should be in one of these formats

  • Quicktime/h.264(.mov)
  • MPEG 4/h.264 (.mp4, .m4a)

2.  Putting your video online

Uploading videos to the SAS Media Server

Once you are sure that your video is ready to post on the web, you can upload it to the video server.

(Click here for more detailed information about the server)


Install the Flash plugin to watch this video.

Embedding the video on a webpage

The below tutorial walks you through the steps to embed the video on a webpage. 

Install the Flash plugin to watch this video.


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