The server

The server is SAS Computing's legacy server for delivery of audio and video content.


As of January 2018, we are no longer creating new accounts on the server.  Panopoto is usually the best solution for sharing audio & video materials with your students through Canvas.  Click here for details about how to use Panopoto.    We can also setup special YouTube channels for materials intended to be shared publicly.  Please contact with any questions about how to put your media files up on the web.

Viewer access controls can host content that is available to the public at large, or you can choose to restrict access to your materials. Access can be granted to selected individuals or by course enrollment.

Tutorials on how to create, upload and link-to content on are available here

Need help getting started of figuring out what works best for your situation?  Email the media admins  at for help

Supported formats

Content can be delivered either streaming or downloadable. Streaming content is delivered using an HTML5 player and the viewer can jump to any point in the video. Streaming video can not be downloaded by the viewer. Downloadable content is delivered using the viewer's browser's plugin settings and the video content must be downloaded before that section of video can be viewed. Content in this are can be downlaoded and watched offline.  For more information on how to convert your files to these formats please visit our Encoding page here.

  • Streaming
    • Quicktime/h.264(.mov) video
    • MPEG 4/h.264 (.mp4, .m4a) video
    • Flash (.flv) video
    • MPEG 3 (.mp3) audio
  • Download
    • Quicktime(.mov) video
    • Flash (.fla) video
    • MPEG 4 (.mp4, .m4a) video
    • MPEG 3 (.mp3) audio
    • Wave (.wav) audio
    • Windows (.wmv) video
    • and more