Multi-Media Resource Room I and II

MMS videoconference station

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As the name Multi-Media Room suggests, these rooms can perform numerous functions. One popular use is the ability to create narrated demonstrations videos of any computer-based activity on Mac or Windows. We can then post these demonstrations on the SAS media server for students to view whenever they are ready to start the assignment. You can expect to find all the popular academic applications commonly found in our labs.

You will find the following software to assist in creating these demos:

Videoconferencing within the MMR

This room is also equipped with powerful video conferencing capabilities. An installed webcam and microphone work with the following installed applications:

Prerecording Lectures

Lectures can be pre-recorded in this room as well. You can record a powerpoint presentation along with a “talking head” video clip. Both of these can be combined into one video that we can post on the web for students to view at their convenience. Here is a quick example of a video made in under 5 minutes and here is a tutorial.

Video Editing within MMR I only

You will also find Final Cut Studio 2 along with the iLife 08 software suite (including iMovie 08 and iMovie 06) installed. The room is equipped with a standard definition mini-DV deck that can be used for digital capture. All editing should be done on an external hard drive. For other on campus video editing resources please see David B. Weigle Information Commons home page.


Make a reservations for MMR I and MMR II


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