Using the MMS Studio Mac to Transcode Video Files

Launch Post Haste and fill in the appopriate fields to create a project folder and save it to Project Archive.

Copy all video files from the SD card to the project folder/subfolders.

Open the Premiere project created by Post Haste.

Drag all video files from the folder into the project's timeline and conform timeline to media (generally).

Trim as needed. Adjust audio and color as needed.

Save the current Project in Premiere Pro

In the Project panel (bottom left hand corner), click on the sequence you want to export.

With the sequence selected, go to: File > Export > Media

Premiere Pro will open the Export Media dialog box.

In Export Settings, make sure Format is set to “H.264” and set correct preset (usually 720p for cloud services or default for 

Make sure to set the destination and name the output file correctly. 

Click Queue.

Adobe Media Encoder will open with the encoding job added to its queue. Start encode.

While Adobe Media Encoder is rendering and exporting in the background, you can continue to work in Premiere Pro.

Place SD card back in EQ room.