WebCheckOut Tutorials

WebCheckOut a service that UPenn uses to manage equipment rentals. Lending is a joint venture between the Multi-Media Services, the library, and Wharton. Each has a location and equipment and equipment can be borrowed by any student with a penncard from any location, However, equipment borrowed from a specific location must be return to that location. MMS's equipment is distinguish buy a blue dot on the tag.

To access the admin page for webcheckout, go to checkout.sas.upenn.edu/webcheckout/wco

Once you are at the login page, enter your pennkey followed by "@upenn.edu", then enter the password that has been assigned to you.

The video below will show you the steps involved with setting up your password.

With a password setup you are ready to learn how to use Webcheckout. In the video below, you will learn how to make a Reservation and Checkout, a Pickup, and a Return.