Changing Your PennKey Password

  • Faculty & Staff

If you would like to change your PennKey password, you can do so when logging into any Pennkey-protected service. The PennWeb Login page includes a “Change My Password" link.

[On any Penn WebLogin page, select the link in "Change My Password"]

In August 2015, the password strength requirements for PennKeys were updated to allow for longer but less complex passwords.

When changing your PennKey password, anywhere your PennKey is saved will also need to be updated to have the new password. Most commonly, this is the wireless setting on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The fastest way to do so is to use the AirPennNet-Help Network, more details are available on our AirPennNet page.

You may also need to use your new password in web pages where KeyChain or Firefox remember your old password.

If you forgot your PennKey password, please visit the following page for information about how to reset your password.

If you have questions about PennKeys or AirPennNet, your Local Support Provider (LSP) can help get you answers.