1/7/13: Some Facstaff Services Impacted

1/7/13, 5:15pm: The following services have now been restored.

* Facstaff web account services and fixpass

* Student configuration of mail forwarding

We expect the remaining services to be restored later this evening.


1/7/13, 4:15pm:  We are making good progress on the restoration process.  We expect all services to be restored by 6pm


1/7/13, noon: Some facstaff services are currently impacted by a hardware failure.  These include:

* Facstaff web account services, fixpass, and account creation

* Student configuration of mail forwarding

* Proofpoint digest delivery

All sending and receiving of facstaff mail should be unimpeded at this point, excluding the receipt of proofpoint spam digests, which will be temporarily delayed.

We are in the midst of restoring the services above and will post an update at 4pm today.

We apologize for the service interruption.