Regaining Access to your Penn Live Account

  • Students & Alumni

We officially discontinued the Penn Live service in 2012. Mail delivery continued after we stopped the service, but recently a number of former students have reported problems accessing accounts. Since we are no longer in a contractual relationship with Microsoft, we do not have the ability to manage accounts, reset passwords or otherwise directly assist. 

To regain access to your Penn Live account you can go to:

And you can then:

  1. Sign in with your SAS address and your Penn Live password.

  2. Click on "Your info" and then "manage your sign in email."

  3. Go through the verification process by providing another email address or a mobile phone number to receive a verification code.  You will use that code to verify your PennLive account.

  4. Then go to Manage account aliases. You will want to make your SAS address the secondary email. If you do not have another email address associated with this account you will need to click on add email and then add an account you own and make this address the primary email account.

Once that is set you will then be able to sign into your Penn Live account with the primary email address you have set using your existing password.

That will allow you to access the existing contents of your account but you may find that new mail is no longer being delivered.
  We would recommend setting your forwarding to another account you own by going here.

If you are having trouble authenticating to set your forward you may need to reset your Pennkey password so that you can login and set your forwarding destination.  Instructions for resetting your Pennkey password can be found here.

Please fill out our Help Form if you continue to have trouble.