Spring 2020: Tech Support for Students

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Here’s important information for Arts & Sciences students as we move to remote teaching in Spring 2020

This page is still in development.  New information will be added as it become available

Connecting to Zoom for class sessions and office hours

Students can expect to receive invitations to join Zoom sessions for classes, office hours or other class activities. 

Students do NOT need Zoom accounts in order to participate in Zoom sessions initiated by instructors

  • Instructors will provide you with a link to join the online session.
  • The invitation link usually looks like this: https://sasupenn.zoom.us/j/1234567 but may contain other information, such as telephone numbers you can use to join by phone
  • See detailed instructions on how to join a meeting

The best way to use Zoom is to install the Zoom program on your computer.

Telephone call-in is supported for all Zoom meetings.

  • Use the call-in option if your computer doens't have a mic or speakers
  • Use the call-in option if you are unable to join by computer or mobile device
  • Zoom offers call-in numbers for around the US and around the world.  See the full list of call-in numbers.  Please note that these call-in numbers are NOT toll-free
  • When joining by phone, you'll call into a phone number for your country, then be prompted to provide a meeting ID.  The meeting ID is the 7 digit number at the end of the invitatoin link.  For example, for this invitation link https://sasupenn.zoom.us/j/1234567 the meeting IS is 1235467

Review this video for details on how to configure audio and video settings for Zoom meetings

Zoom or other collaboration tools for undergraduate students


Instructors and administrators will be relying on email more than ever to communicate with you.  It's important that you understand how your email account is configured and check it often.

2-step Authentication for PennKey and Email

Computer Labs

  • All on-campus campus computer labs are closed 
  • Virtual PC Lab
    • SAS Computing and Penn Libraries have set up Virtual Labs that you can access anywhere
    • These virtual labs include many programs that are included on many campus PC labs
    • SAS Virtual Labs are for specific courses, and Penn Libraries Labs are for general access
  • Connecting to the SAS vLab


Adobe Creative Cloud Access for Students

As a result of campus closure, student access to Adobe Creative Cloud in labs and classrooms is not available. Adobe has provided temporary at-home access until May 31, 2020, for impacted students. Learn how to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device


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