Summer 2020: Virtual PC Lab

  • Faculty & Staff

For Summer 2020, SAS Computing has deployed a virtual PC lab (vLab) for use in specific SAS Courses.

How does it work?

  • Create a special account that you will use to login to the vLab.  Visit
  • Access the vLab through
  • From there, you can download VMware Horizon client program or use HTML access
    • HTML access is the simplest way to use the virtual lab; everything works right in your web browser.  
    • The Horizon client provides more functionality including the ability to connet to resources on your local computer, including disc drives and USB devices. 
    • See our Connecting to the SAS vLab page for details on how to connect
  • When connected to the virtual lab you will be running a Windows 10 PC that works much like an on-campus lab computer
    • You need to save your work by uploading to Google Drive, Canvas or whatever cloud-based storage you normally use
    • Each time you log in, you get a brand new session.  You will not be able to pick up where you left off or leave your work saved on the VLab computer
  • vLab includes the following software:

    • Windows 10 Enterprise
    • ArcGis 10.7
    • Atlas.ti 8.4
    • Google Chrome
    • IBM SPSS Statistics 26
    • Maple 2019.2
    • MATLAB R2019b
    • Office 2016
    • Stata 16/IC
  • Students in these courses are able to login and use the virtual lab

    • NELC-346-401 2020A
    • URBS-200-301 2020A
    • ANTH-516-401 2020A
    • ANTH-572-401 2020A
    • SOCI-100-401 2020A
  • If you need to use the vLab for a course that is not listed here, use the form below to request access
  • Penn Libraries has a virtual lab available for general use; see

Need help or have questions?

Provide course and section number (eg soci001-001)
If you are not the primary instructor, please provide the instructor's name
Do you need software that is not included on the list above?