Multi-Media Services

WebCheckOut Tutorials

WebCheckOut a service that UPenn uses to manage equipment rentals. Lending is a joint venture between the Multi-Media Services, the library, and Wharton.

How to make a Skype call in your classroom

It's easy to conduct a Skype call in most classrooms.  As an instructor, you can use Skype to bring in a guest speaker, or can use it for times when you can't make it to class and need to teach from a remote location.

Creating a DVD using DVD Studio pro in the MMS Studio

This can only done on LLAMA as it is the only machine with DVD studio pro. Start by copying the raw video files to the desktop into a folder named with the course or event nam

Using the MMS Studio Mac to Transcode Video Files

Make a new folder in the current semester's Project

MMS Workstudy Start Page

Welcome to Multi-Media Services! As a Workstudy you will play a valuable roll in the numerous operations that Multi-Media Services provides.

Any classroom can be a computer lab

It’s not always necessary to reserve a special computer lab when you want to integrate computer activities into your course. 

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