Importing Your Contacts Into Penn Live From SAS Webmail

  1. Log into your SAS Webmail. Click the Address Book button near the top of page. Click the "Import/Export" button near the top of the page.

Moving Mail from Mail.SAS to Your Penn Live Inbox Using Entourage

  1. You can move mail from your old SAS account to your Penn Live account by using Entourage on your Mac. Entourage is included with Office for Mac.

Penn Live POP Configuration for Windows Mobile 6

  1. First, Click the Start button in the upper left hand side, and select Messaging.

Linking Your Penn Live and Hotmail Accounts

Penn Live offers the ability to link your Penn Live account and your Hotmail accounts (i.e. an account ending in,, or

Reply-to and from address

This page contains information on how to set your pennlive reply-to and from address.

Penn Live Technical FAQ

This page contains a technical list of frequently asked questions about pennlive.

Mobile Device FAQ

Here is information about accessing PennLive email on mobile devices, including Blackberry and iPhone.

Recommended Settings for Penn Live

Penn Live has lots of options for how you can configure your account. Most settings come pre-configured in a way that is suitable for typical users.

Penn Live POP Configuration for Apple Mail

  1. The first time you run Apple Mail, this dialog will automatically open.
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