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How to Set Up a Home Page

Faculty and staff members in the School of Arts & Sciences are able to create home pages or complete web sites for their professional use by using their facstaff accounts.

Adobe Reader And Adobe Flash Security Updates

On Monday, March 21st, Adobe issued updates for Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player to fix multiple security vulnerabilities.

RESOLVED: Scheduled service outage for web-facstaff: Tuesday, 7 AM, 20110207

As of 8am all services have been restored.  Please note that the IP address for this server has changed.  You may need to adjust your firewall or ssh keys to permit connections to/from the new address:

Teaching Options for a Snow Day

Teaching can go on if snow or other unforeseen problems prevent you and your students from getting to class. 

Resolved: Facstaff Service Notification: Issues Sending and Receiving Mail

5:25PM: All services should now be restored.  Thanks.


Friday, 1/21 -- 3:50pm

Useful Links & Contacts for Faculty & Staff

This page has a list of links and contacts that faculty and staff members may find helpful.

Any classroom can be a computer lab

It’s not always necessary to reserve a special computer lab when you want to integrate computer activities into your course. 

Student Privacy in a Public World

Free commercial tools such as WordPress make it easy for instructors and students to creatie web sites for course projects.  But planning a web project requires more than just finding the righ

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