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Class Mailing Lists

The University has set up a Class Mailing List for every official University course. The class mailing list has already been set up by the beginning of the semester. The instructor of record can send email to the list.  Our data systems populate each class list with the addresses that are in the Penn Directory for every registered student in the class.

How to Use Handbrake to Rip Clips From a DVD to the SAS Media Server

Extracting Subtitles from DVDs

Sometimes it may be useful to extract the subtitles from a DVD in a text format that can then be used for other pedagogical uses, such as providing realistic dialogues as reading exercises in l

Copying VHS to DVD and DVD to DVD

It is a common necessity for lecturers to need to copy old video cassettes onto DVD given the preponderance of DVD players in classrooms, whilst VHS players become less common.

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