server status & outages

RESOLVED: 10/5 6:15PM: Facstaff mail service partial interruption

As of 7:45PM all services have been restored.


Delayed Mail Delivery for Some Facstaff Users 8/25

Storage problems caused mail for some facstaff users to be delayed.

8/9/2010,7:15PM: RESOLVED: Facstaff login problems for small percentage of users

Facstaff login issues have been resolved as of 7:15PM.

7/7 9:05AM: RESOLVED: Facstaff mail server unplanned outage


9:05AM: All services should be restored now.

Scheduled Service Outage

Electrical shutdown, this weekend (June 20th), click here to read more.

Scheduled Downtime (IT Servers)

Four servers will be offline on Friday, April 16th, 2010 from 5:00–7:00 AM.

Scheduled Down-time for SAS SpamShield / Proofpoint, March 12th, 8pm-Midnight

We will be upgrading the SAS SpamShield servers this evening from 8pm - midnight.

3/8, RESOLVED, 3PM: Temporary Outage of New Facstaff Webmail

This problem has now been resolved.

Emergency Maintenance on Facstaff Disk Systems

As of 8:30 AM 2/21, all mail services should be restored. Further instability may still exist and we are beginning the process of bringing additional storage online. We will update this page as more information becomes available. Thank you.

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