How to Schedule and Host a Meeting in Zoom

  • Faculty & Staff

To Schedule or Host a Meeting in Zoom, you will first need to log into Zoom with your Pennkey and password by going to:

Once signed in, you will have the choice to Schedule a Meeting, Join a Meeting, or Host a Meeting in the top right of your screen.

Schedule a Meeting will allow you to schedule a set date, time and meeting ID for your meeting.  Join a Meeting will allow you to join a Zoom meeting to which you have an inviite or meeting ID.  Host a Meeting allows you to start a meeting on the fly with or without video or screen share only.  Host a Meeting utilizes your Zoom account's personal meeting ID.  The personal meeting ID can be edited under the Profile section in your account.  Host a Meeting is best utilized for meetings that are not planned in advance.

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a Meeting allows you set a date, time and duration for your meeting and also allows you to invite participants ahead of time.

After entering your meeting's topic, description, date and time, it is recommended that you check On for Video for Host and Participant. This will ensure everyone's video will be enabled when they join the meeting.  Under Meeting Options also check Enable join before host.  This will allow participants to join the meeting even if the host has not yet joined.  Once you have entered your information click Save.  You will then be presented with a summary of your meeting's details and invite information.

To invite participants you can send them the link under the Invite Attendees section.  Participants will not need Zoom accounts to connect to the meeting.  After clicking the invite link, participants will need to only follow to the prompts to connect to the meeting.  Information on connecting to a meeting can be found here.

To start your scheduled meeting you can go the Meetings located in the left sidebar.

And you will be presented with a list of your scheduled meetings.  Click start on the right hand side of the meeting you wish to begin.

If you have any further questions please contact your Local Support Provider.