Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Manager

Important information, please read before using the Curriculum Manager.

The Curriculum Manager (CM, for short) is the medium through which faculty and officials in departments and programs of the School of Arts and Sciences interact with the committees of the College that oversee various components of the undergraduate curriculum. This site enables authorized individuals to make proposals to the appropriate committees and to receive notification of the committees' responses and decisions.

NOTE: If you find you don't have the access you need to the Curriculum Manager,
please send email to col-cm-help@groups.sas.upenn.edu.

Each type of proposal is structured by a web form that ensures that the relevant committee has exactly the information needed to conduct its review. See the menu to the left, which provides the proposals and other functions available to you.

CM handles these seven functions:

1. Propose a new course for review by the Curriculum Committee

2. Propose to the Curriculum Committee revisions to an existing course

3. Propose a new major or minor for review by the Curriculum Committee

4. Propose to the Curriculum Committee revisions to an existing major or minor

5. Propose a course for inclusion in the College's General Education curriculum (Sector or Foundational Approach)

6. Submit information about courses already approved for a General Education Sector in preparation for the periodic review of that Sector

7. Submit information concerning you department's forthcoming freshman seminars for publishing on the College's web site

Functions 1 and 2 are intended to be performed by the instructor with direct
responsibility for the course.
The information a committee needs to review a proposal is known best, and often exclusively, by the instructor who teaches the course. One goal of CM is to make filling out the form at least as easy and efficient as compiling and sending the information by other means to departmental staff for transmission to the College committee. When an instructor submits a proposal, it will go to Undergraduate Chair or Program Director for review and endorsement before being transmitted to the College for action by the Curriculum Committee.

Functions 3 and 4 are performed by the Undergraduate Chair or Program Director. CM simplifies the proposal process and also provides useful guidance concerning the elements required by the Curriculum Committee. If a faculty member wishes to propose a new major or minor, he or she must first request access to the relevant form in CM. Send email to col-cm-help@groups.sas.upenn.edu.

Function 5 is initiated by the instructor. When the instructor submits the proposal, it is passed along to the Undergraduate Chair or Program Director, who provides additional information and then submits it to the College for review by the relevant General Education panel.

Function 6 is for use by instructors responsible for courses already approved for one of the General Education Sectors.

Function 7 is performed by administrative staff in departments and programs. Unlike the other functions, this one is not concerned with review by a committee but is used just to submit information needed to publicize Freshman Seminars.

If you have questions about Curriculum Manager or have problems with this site,
send email to col-cm-help@groups.sas.upenn.edu.