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Related Courses - Fall 2016

Here is a sampling of courses offered by Penn schools and departments in Fall 2016 that relate to the themes of democracy, citizenship, and consitutionalism:


ANTH012: Globalization and its Historical Significance  (Link)

ANTH055: Cultural Heritage, Politics, and War in the Middle East (Link)

ANTH151: Archeology of American History (Link)

ANTH189: Islam in Modern South Asia (Link)

ANTH337: Cross Cultural Methods in Health and Public Policy (Link)

ANTH503: Neoliberalism and the City (Link)

ANTH574: The Lives of Infrastructure: Politics and Technics in the Anthropocene (Link)

ANTH623: Selected Topics in Poverty and Health: Ethnographies of Drugs and Social Inequality (Link)

ANTH625: Urban Poverty and Violence (Link)

ANTH733: Race, and Anthropological Interrogation (Link)


COMM 226: Introduction to Political Communication  (Link)

COMM 282: Sick and Satired: The Insanity of Humor and How it Keeps Us Sane (Link)

COMM 294: Chicks and Cyborgs: Gender, Technology and Culture  (Link)

COMM 301: Introduction to the Political Economy of Media  (Link)

COMM 374: Communication and Congress  (Link)

COMM 395: Communication and the Presidency  (Link)

COMM 701: Introduction to the Political Economy of Media  (Link)

COMM 846: The Moral Economy of the Media Audience  (Link)

COMM 847: Development Communication and Social Change      (Link)

COMM 856: Privacy, Surveillance  (Link)

COMM 860: Global Media Activism: The 1960s  (Link)


ECON 14: American Capitalism (Link)

ECON 32: Political Economy (Link)


HIST072-401: Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies (Link)

HIST168: History of American Law to 1877 (Link)

HIST202-301: Seminar: Classical Economists (Link)

HIST202-302: Seminar: The Cold War and Its Legacies (Link)

HIST204-301: Seminar: America in the 1960s (Link)

HIST211-401: The Enlightenment (Link)

HIST216-301: Religion and Colonial Rule in Africa (Link)

HIST231-301: The Road to Red Power: Examining Native North American History (Link)

HIST231-302: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (Link)

HIST231-401: Slavery and the Civil War (Link)

HIST331-402: American Diplomatic History Since 1776 (Link)

HIST390-001: Communism in Practice: China and the USSR Compared (Link)

HIST430-201: The Third Reich (Link)

HIST440-401: Perspectives on Urban Poverty (Link)

HIST641-401: Topics in Africana Studies: Black Women in Intellectual History (Link)

HIST650-401: Decolonization in Africa (Link)

HIST668-401: History of Law and Social Policy (Link)

HIST670-301: Topics in Transregional History: Nationalism, History and Theory (Link)

HIST720-301: Research Seminar in European History: Intellectuals and Politics (Link)


PSCI 010-302: Terrorism & Civil Wars (Link)

PSCI 010-303: Business & Politics in Developing Countries (Link)

PSCI 240-301: Religion and US Public Policy (Link)

PSCI 271-401: Classic American Constitutional Law (Link)

PSCI 320-401: Who Gets Elected and Why (Link)

PSCI 332-301: Public Opinion (Link)

PSCI 436-301: Political Psychology (Link)

PSCI 498-301: The Meaning of Democracy (Link)

PSCI 535-401: Inequality and Race Policy (Link)

PSCI 598-301: The Idea of Freedom (Link)

PSCI 631-301: American Political Development (Link)

PSCI 798-301: Anticolonialism, Postcolonialism, and Decolonization (Link)

PSCI 798-302: International Migration, Diasporas and Development (Link)


SOCI 110-301: The Rich and the Poor (Link)

SOCI 112-401: Discrimination: Sex, Race and Conflict (Link)

SOCI 135-401: Law and Society (Link)

SOCI 152-401: American Health Policy (Link)

SOCI 235-601: Law and Social Change (Link)

SOCI 266-401: Latinos and the United States (Link)

SOCI 460-601: The US and Human Rights: Policies and Practices (Link)