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Health Insurance

PDTs are required to have health insurance. PDTs are eligible to receive single person insurance, as provided under the Basic University of Pennsylvania Postdoctoral Insurance Plan. This benefit is in addition to the stipend, and no premium should be deducted from the PDT’s stipend.  If the PDT elects family coverage, the difference between the single and family premium can be paid from one of three sources:  (1) it can be deducted from the PDT’s stipend; (2) it can be paid by the funding source if it is an allowable expense; or (3) it can be paid by the unit that recruited the PDT. If the PDT elects to waive health insurance coverage through the University, she/he must certify that she/he has alternate health insurance that provides at least comparable coverage.

Vacation Time

In any appointment year, a PDT may elect to take up to ten University business days as paid vacation days, on which days the PDT will continue to receive his or her stipend. PDTs are also entitled to the eight official holidays observed by the University and are eligible to take the University’s special winter vacation, during which time the University is typically closed. If a PDT wishes to work and/or perform research during an official holiday or special winter vacation, s/he can use the equivalent time as additional paid vacation days.

PDTs forfeit any unused vacation days or holidays at the end of any appointment year.  All vacation must be approved in advance by the mentor; additional vacation may be approved at the mentor’s discretion. 

Sick Leave

PDTs may continue to receive stipends for up to 15 University business days of sick leave per year. PDTs forfeit any unused sick leave at the end of the appointment year. Under exceptional circumstances, a period of leave due to illness or incapacity may be extended at the discretion of the mentor. Mentors may request medical documentation from a health care provider for any extended absence. Additional sick leave may be approved in the discretion of the mentor.

New Child Leave

PDTs are entitled to receive stipends for no more than 60 calendar days of leave per appointment year for adoption or birth of a child. Either parent is eligible. PDTs must discuss the use of new child leave in advance with the mentor. A mentor may not deny a request to use new child leave without the authorization of the appropriate administrative office. Unused sick leave or vacation days may be used, with approval, to extend the period of new child leave. Additional new child leave may be approved at the discretion of the mentor.

Unpaid Leave

PDTs requesting extended periods of time away from their training experience, including leave in excess of available sick and/or parental leave, must obtain approval for a leave of absence without stipend continuation.  Approval for such leave must be requested and approved by the mentor in advance

*This information is from the University Policy for Postdoctoral Fellows

Optional Training for Natural Sciences Postdocs

Natural Science Postdocs are eligible to participate in all of the optional elements of the Biomedical Postdoc Training Program during the second and third years as a Postdoc. Advanced registration is required in order to participate in the BPP Training Program. Preregistration for individual workshops/sessions may also be required.

Career Services

All current Postdocs are eligible to use the services and resources provided by Career Services.  To review those services, go to the Career Services website. To schedule an appointment or check walk-in times, call 215 898-7530. (Do not use e-mail.) When you come for an appointment you will need to bring your PennCard.


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