A Guide to Policies and Procedures for New SAS Faculty Members

Major Sources of Information on Policies and Procedures


Handbook for Faculty and Academic Administrators


(a.k.a. "The Faculty Handbook")

A compilation of policies related to faculty members

SAS Policies and Procedures for Appointment and Promotion


A compilation of policies regarding faculty appointment and promotion in SAS


The PennBook:  Resources, Policies and Procedures Handbook http://provost.upenn.edu/policies/pennbook

A compilation of policies related to students


Sponsored Projects Handbook


A compilation of guidelines and policies regarding the administration of sponsored research,

published by the Office of Research Services




Penn's journal of record, opinion, and news

(publishes major new and revised policies; published weekly during the academic year)


 Policies of Interest to New Faculty Members


Faculty Responsibility

Faculty Handbook, Section II.E.1.

Guidelines for Responsible Behavior by Standing Faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences


Structure of the Academic Staff (description of Penn's faculty classifications)

Faculty Handbook, Section II.B.


Tenure System at the University of Pennsylvania

Faculty Handbook, Section II.C.


Appointments and Promotions

Faculty Handbook, Section II.D.

SAS Policies and Procedures for Appointment and Promotion 


Code of Academic Integrity (students)

and Charter of the University of Pennsylvania Student Disciplinary System

Faculty Handbook, Sections IV.B. and IV.C.



Procedures Regarding Misconduct in Research

Faculty Handbook, Section III.B.


Conflict of Interest Policy for Faculty Members

Faculty Handbook, Section II.E.10.

Layman's Guide to Conflict of Interest http://www.upenn.edu/almanac/v43/n22/conflict.html


Leaves of Absence

Faculty Handbook, Section II.E.2

SAS Policies and Procedures for Appointment and Promotion, Section III.G. 

Policy on Extension of the Probationary Periods that Apply to Granting of Tenure or Promotion to Associate Professor

Faculty Handbook, Section II.E.3


Faculty Parental Policy

Faculty Handbook, Section II.E.4


Rules Governing Final Examinations

Faculty Handbook, Section IV.F.


Confidentiality of Student Records

Faculty Handbook, Section IV.J.


Secular and Religious Holidays

Faculty Handbook, Section IV.H.


Guidelines for Addressing Academic Issues of Students with Disabilities

Faculty Handbook, Section IV.I.



Sexual Harassment Policy

Faculty Handbook, Section VI.E.


Consensual Sexual Relations Between Faculty and Students

Faculty Handbook, Section VI.F.