Language Programs

The Chinese Language Program

The mission of the Chinese Language Program is to provide Chinese learning opportunities for members of the Penn community so that each learner becomes proficient in Chinese language,  more knowledgeable on Chinese culture, and personally more accepting in the current multilingual and globalized environment.

The Japanese Language Program

Information and the answers to frequently asked questions about the Japanese Language Program can be found on the program website at

The Korean Language Program

The Korean Language Program at the University of Pennsylvania currently offers a complete curriculum in Korean language with 19 classes, covering six full years of Korean language courses. This includes elementary, intermediate, and advanced-level language courses. We also offer tailored instruction to heritage speakers through two courses up to the second-year level. Upper-level students can study Korean in our content-based courses such as Current Korean Media and languages for specific purposes courses such as Business Korean and Academic Korean.

More information and the answers to most frequently asked questions can be found on the program website at