Topic for Fall 2010: Buddhist Studies: Art and Material Culture - Drawing on new developments in the study of art history, material religion, and the anthropology of art, this course looks at less-commonly studied art in Buddhism, with a special focus on Southeast Asian Buddhist art. While art historians have primarily concentrated on the study of images, stupas, manuscripts, and murals produced by the elite, and primarily made before the twentieth century. This course will accord greater attention to "vernacular" art including amulets, cartoons, film, tattoos, photographs, and even plastic dolls. Instead of concentrating on the origins of pieces of art, readings in this course look at art as it exists and operates in dynamic ritual activities and highly complex synchronic and diachronic relationships. The polities of "museumification" of Buddhist ritual items, as well as the political, and emotional lives of images will also be closely examined.
Section 401 - SEM
M 0200PM-0500PM