"Are you interested in cutting-edge digital methods for the humanities in EastAsia, but don't know where to start? This course covers a wide range ofcurrent and emerging digital projects and topics in East Asian studies.Students will engage with digital projects focused on East Asia (encompassingJapan, China, Korea, and Taiwan) as well as research being done onDigital methodologies for the humanities in those areas. Coursework consistsOf project and research analysis, active discussion, and learning about theimplementation of various digital projects. Example topics include textanalysis, APIs, network analysis, digital literary studies, and mapping. Notechnical expertise is required but students must have reading knowledge ofChinese, Japanese, or Korean at the high-intermediate or advanced level. Class presentations, discussions, and all course readings will be in English, but midterm and final projects involve reading articles andmidterm and final projects involve reading articlesand/or critiquing projects ise."
Section 401 - LEC
T 0430PM-0730PM