Adam Smith

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Assistant Professor
Curator, Penn Museum Asian Section
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Museum 510
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Fall 2017: Email for an appointment
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Selected Publications: 

“The Chinese sexagenary cycle and the ritual foundations of the calendar.” In Calendars and years II : astronomy and time in the ancient and medieval world, edited by John Steele, 1–37. Oxford: Oxbow (2011). PDF

“The evidence for scribal training at Anyang.” In Writing and literacy in early China, edited by Li Feng and David Branner, 173–205. Seattle: University of Washington Press (2011). PDF

“Are writing systems intelligently designed?” In Agency in ancient writing, edited by Joshua Englehardt, 77–93. Boulder: University Press of Colorado (2013). PDF

“The Ernest K. Smith collection of Shang divination inscriptions at Columbia University, and the evidence for scribal training at Anyang.” In Archaeologies of Text: Archaeology, Technology, and Ethics, edited by Matthew T. Rutz and Morag M. Kersel. Joukowsky Institute Publications 4. Providence: Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World (forthcoming). PDF