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Hydrothermal mobility of Ti, Zr and REE: Examples from the Bergell and Adamello contact aureoles (Italy)

Gieré R.
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Terra Nova
Contact metamorphic marbles, affected by metasomatic fluids at the contact to the Bergell and Adamello Intrusives, contain various accessory minerals (zirconolite, allanite, titanite, rutile, geikielite, hoegbomite), which provide new evidence for the hydrothermal mobility of Ti and Zr. In both examples, Ti and Zr migrated along with U, Th, Y and REE in a metasomatic fluid rich in potassium. The composition of the main minerals (fluorine-rich phlogopite, pargasite and titanian clinohumite) and the abundance of fluor-apatite demonstrate that fluorine and phosphorus were important components of the fluid. The textural relationships indicate that the formation of the accessory phases is linked to the crystallization of the hydrous minerals.
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Reto Gieré

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