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Pb, Sr and Nd isotopic composition and trace element characteristics of coarse airborne particles collected with passive samplers

Hoàng-Hòa T.B., Stille P., Dietze V., Guéguen F., Perrone T., Gieré R.
2 015
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Hoàng-Hòa et al., 2015
Elsevier, Comptes Rendus Geoscience
Passive samplers for collection of coarse airborne particulate matter have been installed in and around the coal-mining town of Cam Pha, Quang Ninh Province (Vietnam). Analysis of Pb, Sr, and Nd isotope ratios and of major and trace element distribution patterns in atmospheric particulates collected at three stations allowed for the identification of four important dust components: (1) coal dust from an open-pit mine and fly ash particles from a coal-fired power station, (2) diesel soot, (3) traffic dust from metal, tire and pavement abrasion, and (4) limestone-derived dust. Outside of the coal-mining area, traffic-derived dust defines the atmospheric baseline composition of the studied environment.
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Reto Gieré
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Ocean and Climate Dynamics
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