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Permian Circulipuncturites discinispori

Wang, J., Labandeira, C.C., Zhang, G., Bek, J., Pfefferkorn, H. W.
2 009
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology
The generic name Discinispora Wang, Zhang, Bek et Pfefferkorn was originally created for spores with an operculum-like structure that were found in a permineralized Noeggerathialean cone. Subsequently it was observed that up to three round and smooth openings can occur in different positions on the surface of a single spore. In light of the new observations, the previous interpretation as an operculum cannot be sustained. An interpretation implicating insect punch-and-sucking activity was suggested for these round structures. This new interpretation makes it necessary to withdraw the original diagnosis and the taxon. The insect-inflicted damage now is assigned to the ichnotaxon Circulipuncturites discinisporis Labandeira, Wang, Zhang, Bek et Pfefferkorn under the rules of the ICZN, rather than those of the ICBN that typified the insectdamaged host-plant spore.
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Hermann W. Pfefferkorn
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