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Substituting non-natural agents in UV-protection cream by a mixture of clay with Ganoderma pfeifferi extract

Hoang-Minh T., Le T.L., Kasbohm J., Gieré R.
2 011
Applied Clay Science
To investigate the potential of substituting non-natural agents in sunscreen, mixtures of some clays with Ganoderma pfeifferi extract were examined in regard to their protection abilities against ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the wavelength range 250–400 nm. Some mixtures showed remarkably high UV-protection potential in comparison with corresponding clay cream devoid of the fungal extract. Depending on interlayer charge of the dominant clay mineral contained in the clays, the interaction between the fungal extract and the clay mineral played a key role in the UV-protection ability of the mixtures. The optimal clay in the mixture with the G. pfeifferi extract for sunscreens was dominated by expandable clay minerals with low interlayer charge.
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Reto Gieré

Department of Earth and Environmental Science / University of Pennsylvania, 251 Hayden Hall, 240 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6316