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Preapproved Systems Courses

EAS 301: Climate Policy and Technology

EAS 401: Energy and Its Impacts

EAS 402: Renewable Energy and Its Impact

EAS 403: Energy Systems and Policy

ENVS 100: Introduction to Environmental Science

ENVS 204: Global Climate Change

ENVS 301: Environmental Case Studies

ENVS 312: Ocean Atmosphere Dynamics

ENVS 326: GIS Mapping Places and Analyzing Spaces

ENVS 400: Environmental Studies Seminar (topics change by semester)

ENVS 411: Air Pollution: Sources & Effects in Urban Environments

ENVS 502 or CHEM 012: Environmental Chemistry

ENVS 507: Wetlands

ENVS 541: Modelling Geographic Objects

GEOL 100: Introduction to Geology

GEOL 103: Natural Disturbances and Human Disasters

GEOL 111: Geology Laboratory

GEOL 201: Mineralogy

GEOL 205: Paleontology

GEOL 206: Stratigraphy

GEOL 208: Structural Geology

GEOL 305: Earth Surface Processes

GEOL 317: Petrology and Petrography

GEOL 318: Glaciers, Ice and Climate

GEOL 403: Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

GEOL 409: Introduction to Remote Sensing

GEOL 411: Introductory Soil Science

GEOL 417: Advanced Petrology and Petrography

GEOL 418: Geochemistry

GEOL 420: Introduction to Geophysics

GEOL 421: Elemental Cycling in Global Systems (Biogeochemistry)

GEOL 503: Earth Systems and Hazards

GEOL 511: Advanced Soil Science

GEOL 515: Evolution/Revolution of Land Ecosystems

GEOL 528: Aqueous Geochemistry

GEOL 530: Hydrogeology

GEOL 540: Geotectonics

PHYS 016: Energy, Oil, Global Warming

ANTH 003: Intro to Human Evolution (not to be taken if BIOL 230 is taken)

BIOL 140 (or BIOL440): Humans & the Environment

BIOL 230: Evolution

BIOL 240: Ecology: from individuals to ecosystems

BIOL 325: Marine Biology

BIOL 330: Vertebrate Biology

BIOL 400: Field Botany

BIOL 410: Advanced Evolution

BIOL 414: Advanced Ecology

BIOL 415: Freshwater Ecology

BIOL 423: Plant Ecology

BIOL 465: Ecological Techniques in Conservation

BIOL 535: Mathematical Ecology

GEOL 479: Macroevolution

Department of Earth and Environmental Science / University of Pennsylvania, 251 Hayden Hall, 240 South 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6316